Selly Oak Methodist Church Christmas Carol Concert 12th Dec 2015 Leaflet drop

Rehearsals have now started to cover the Carols we will be performing at this concert. If you have your own copy of Carols for Choirs 5 please bring it with you.

The FINAL Rehearsal will take place at the Selly Oak Methodist Church fron 1pm-4pm on the day of the performance.

It is intended to deliver leaflets in the local area ahead of the performance to generate more ticket sales. Ruth Stanton has listed the streets that need to be covered. We are looking for a team who between them can cover the streets in the next fortnight (weekends of 7th/8th and 14th/15th Nov). So if you can help let us know at the rehearsals on Mon 2nd and 9th Nov which road(s) you could do.

Within close walking distance to the church:

Selly Wood Road (include Queen Mother Court)

Hoyland Way

Linnet Close

Kingfisher Way

Kestrel Grove

Goldfinch Close

Meadow Rise

Westholme Croft

Woodbrooke Road (include St George’s Court)

Langleys Road

Moving slightly further away, but still within walking distance:

Thorn Road

Beech Road

Linden Road (from the Old Farm Hotel) to Oak Tree Lane

Acacia Road

Maple Road

Willow Road

Sycamore Road

Elm Road

Selly Oak Road (as far as Bournville Lane)

Cedar Road

Cedar Close

Hay Green Lane (from Bournville Lane to Selly Oak Road)

Over the other side of Bristol Road, but still Bournville Village Trust and where the residents may well be interested:

Weoley Hill

Fox Hill

Witherford Way

Witherford Close

Tillyard Croft

Middle Park Road

Weoley Park Road (from Bristol Road as far as Lodge Hill cemetery)

AND Somewhat separate, but perhaps worth doing – Lodge Hill Road, Selly Oak.

Ruth has kindly offered to target the public noticeboards around Bournville, but It would also be good to have a notice up in the other local churches, too – St Mary’s – Bristol Road, St Francis – Bournville Green, Weoley Hill Church.If anyone attends any of these churches please feel free to leave some of our flyers in them, but please let Andrew Millward and/or Ruth Stanton know.

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