The Concert venue is St George’s Church, Winterbourne Crescent, B15 3DQ.  Please come early so we can sort out seating etc and have a really good rehearsal.


Rehearsal at the Church starts at 2.00  – please arrive by 1.30 if possible, to organise seating etc.  There should be sufficient car parking at the Church, but there is additional parking on the road towards the Botanical Gardens.

In the evening, please leave the Church parking for our guests.  Rehearsal should finish by 5.00, but you can stay at the Church if you wish.

We require volunteers to help sell tickets and programmes, and with refreshments at the interval.  Preferably non singers, but we may have to press gang from the Choir!  Please let me know if you can provide a helper.

Please try to spread the word and sell tickets – with 3 musicians and 4 soloists this is an expensive concert, and we don’t want to raise the subs again!

The Concert Etiquette is reproduced below.  Please print it off and digest!  We want to look good as well as sounding good!

Finally, don’t forget to leave your music, with your yellow folder, in the box provided.  Members will be charged for missing copies!  If you’re not in the concert, please arrange with someone to return it.



Our concerts should not only sound good, but look good.  Please observe the following conventions, so that we make the best possible impression on our audience:


Make sure that our uniform is actually uniform – ie stoles on correct shoulder, skirts to ankle length, just ONE collar button undone, shirts tucked in, only black belts.  Black shirts/tops to be really black!  Only discreet jewellery.

No water or handbags on stage.


  • At beginning, enter with the closed folder under left arm; when entering down the side aisle of a church, folder to be on the side of the audience with BCU Logo facing outwards.
  • Stay standing until everyone in place, then follow leader on front row to sit.
  • When not performing, don’t follow the score, but look encouragingly at the soloists –  no crossed legs if on show.
  • End of first half – folder to be closed  – stay standing until conductor goes off, then follow without sitting,  closed folder under left arm.
  • Second half , enter with closed folder under left arm, logo side to audience; sit down as soon as on.


  • At end, close folders when applause starts – stay standing with folder under left arm until conductor has left the platform. Sit when conductor has gone off, and stand when he returns.  Sit again when he goes off
  • Only clap when sitting and when conductor brings soloists back, if any – stand again when signalled to do so. If no soloists, clap when conductor comes back on for first time.


Please return your music and yellow folders promptly as requested by the Librarian.  Members will be charged for any missing copies.

Please help to tidy up the venue, remove chairs, collect music, etc.



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